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Our location is in Ljubljana city centre. There are a lot of options for parking in our area, but except Sunday you have to pay for the parking.
1. On our street (Petkovškovo nabrežje) the price is 1.20 eur / hour (from 7am until 7pm) and 1.80 eur / whole night (from 7pm until 7am). You have to take a ticket at the barrier and drive in (parking in front of the barrier is forbidden).
2. The cheapest option is at the train station (10 min walk from us). There you pay 8 eur for 24h.
3. With prior reservation you can park in a garage nearby, the cost is 10 eur / day. We have only couple of spaces and they are quickly sold out.
4. If you arrive Sunday late afternoon, you can park your car for free on the street around us or at the open market. But that option is free only until Monday 7am.

Parking is free for 15 min on our street, so you can come to us and we will advise you further. Or you can contact us trough email or phone.

Petkovškovo nabrežje 39
1000 - Ljubljana

Latitude: 46.052260
Longitude: 14.509184